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Top quality pack, amazing works!

Great Work!
I've used this background and some assets in my game:

Do you have the sprite sheet in one image by any chance? Putting it together is like a jigsaw puzzle! 

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sprites for character folders seem missing in download  - are those available? - skeleton, necromancer are empty - knight has idle and walk only

these are beautiful and detailed 

Wow, it looks really nice :)

Awesome pack!! I really like it, good job!

Thank you!

Interested in buying this now. 

Does it include the player or any enemies?  and if not where do I get the ones shown?

Hello, these characters were made only for demonstration.

Aw, so sad!  You did so awesome I would have bought them if they had animations.


Just purchase this pack, great job with this work!

Thank you!

i just bought days ago and everything is perfect , i must ask you , can you make the background with the moon in separated layers ?

Do you want the moon to be separated?

yes thanx, and can you expand the HUD for extra charge, i'll send you a pic on twitter how i want it to be,thanx again.

Absolutely beautiful work! I hope you continue to release asset packs!

Thank you! New asset pack coming soon. With characters :)


I will buy if this pack included player and enemies sprites.

Thanks! I will add player and enemies in my next asset packs.


I agree with Raphael, I will only buy if you add enemies, player sprites etc.

I will add in my next, better pack! :)


Beautiful work. Will there be additional enemies or player sprites added?

Thank you. Unfortunately no.