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Giant autumn oaks surrounded you. Can you feel the peaceful atmosphere? There is a tiny shop with goodies, hidden somewhere in the middle of the woods.

Oak Woods — side-scroller, platformer tileset pack that will fit any RPG, medieval, or fantasy game. 

v 1.0 includes:

  • 3-layered background (320x180);
  • Grass & rock tileset with all variations (24x24);
  • Animated character (idle, running, jump, falling, attack, death animations);
  • Decorative sprites (shop, fence x2, grass x3, lamp, rock x3, sign).

License: This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. Do not redistribute/resell it. 

This asset works great with:

Generic Character Asset v 0.2

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(67 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Role Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Forest, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


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oak_woods_v1.0.zip 113 kB

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Man these are so good

Actually I just got into my game dev journey and this is the first pack that I'm using This looks so good & Fire as same time


Your game asset was a perfect fit for my game. Take a look

keep up the great work!

Can I use your assets in my 2D platformer for class? We are going to upload it on itch.io once we are done and obviously I will give you credit for the assets once I post the full game.  I am new to game design and don't want to use any free stuff without making sure its okay!


It's a great piece of work. Thank you!

Thank you! Nice Asset!

I love you for making these! You will get a free copy of my next game :) 

Nice asset!!!!


yooooo broooooo



Does anyone know some asset like this? I really love this and I'm practicing making little games but I'd like to find other backgrounds like this to make some different scenes and a menu scene.

Me gusta muuucho! Alguien conoce otros assets parecidos? Estoy empezando en el mundo del desarrollo de videojuegos y me gusta mucho este pero quiero hacer varias escenas y una pantalla de menu y me gustaria incluir otras escenas con otros fondos. Si alguien conoce otros packs de assets lo agradeceria. GRACIAS!!!

thank you!!!


Hola, Saludarte...
q sabe pregunta pixel diseΓ±o q hermoso mi quiero no se un pago asi wallpaper pixel gigante pero yo solo practica Unreal 2D prueba poco a poco para jugado..

Time to practice, the assests look great :D more excited because of it :)


thanks a lot I'll be using this for my first game :


this looks really cool.. great artwork !


hi i want to download this but i dont have money hehe i want to use it for my game dev project


No problem. This asset pack is completely free and you don't have to pay me anything :)

oak woods so great to see

Hey man, just bought some assets and threw a few extras in the tin. Love your work on this and the little general character.
Only one fault so far on this pack: The stone-to-grass transition tiles are 1px south / -1px on the y axis.

I'm working on using it as the basis for a tilemap in godot 4.1. So far, so good. If I get a working scene, and the .tscn works the way I hope, I'll try and make it with some instructions on how to use and then you could bundle that in. Godot scene files (.tscn) should make this very very easy to import and use. (You can even set custom data layers, so I'm trying to make it so the surfaces (up, down, right, left) have values stored per cell, so easier to then have your character tell what surface it is on and so things like sliding distances, footstep sounds and so on are stored per cell.

Hope I can make it all work well. But your work is really useful.

whoop, second edit. the grassy slopes are 1 pixel south / y -1px as well. These affect godots auto tiling function.

Hi, thank you for the donation and for pointing out the asset's little mistakes.

Hello, can you tell me which program you used to design these and suggest me some tutorials if you know please


Hi, Aseprite

I downloaded the zip file. But there was only one character in it. Instead of a background image, it contained 3 layered files. How to use this based on the youtube video?

Did you download oak_woods.zip?




Hey, I have a question, I got most of your assets and i love them! Could i use them as pictures in my fiverr account, (I create games

Hi, with a proper credit please :)

My partner just saw me browsing through your example pictures and said he recognized your the shop sprite. He then proceeded to show me your shop sprite in Idle On! MMO. Nice work, haha.

i have to pay?



Hi, I recently published my game Mikene's Aspects, which uses you asset, check it out.


Is there a tutorial of how to use the tile set effectively? :


Beautiful. Keep the good work! <

so much good
keep going
i love it

So Cosy! love it!

THANK YOU! Love this tileset!

Looks awesome! Great job on the color choice and smoke animation.

Hi brullov,

do you know the size of each frame in the player animations ???

(1 edit)

i have a question, what are the brown tiles used for?
are they dirt or what? 

hello, can i use background in my first commercial project?


With proper credit, yes :)


Thanks you stranger! I'll be here to offer you coffee when I have some πŸ’΅


Very nice work. 


Using this in prototyping right now. There's a small error in the tilemap i found so far using it in godot. The flat horizontal transition tiles from stone to grass tiles are 1px low. can upload the fix, but it honestly took 5 seconds in krita.

Thanks for the file. Will be donating next pay.



(1 edit) (+1)

I'm surprised no one mentioned this but there is actually a mistake in your tile sheet!
The grass uphill and downhill, as well as the tiles  that switch between grass and stone are missaligned. they are one pixel too low.

I do love the pack, it's very  beautiful  and easy to use. I'm using this for my school platformer project. Thank you very much


I mentioned this 3 years ago :)

How do i find a   free thing with the map already made (I'm using scratch)

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