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Very nice work. 

Using this in prototyping right now. There's a small error in the tilemap i found so far using it in godot. The flat horizontal transition tiles from stone to grass tiles are 1px low. can upload the fix, but it honestly took 5 seconds in krita.

Thanks for the file. Will be donating next pay.


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I'm surprised no one mentioned this but there is actually a mistake in your tile sheet!
The grass uphill and downhill, as well as the tiles  that switch between grass and stone are missaligned. they are one pixel too low.

I do love the pack, it's very  beautiful  and easy to use. I'm using this for my school platformer project. Thank you very much

I mentioned this 3 years ago :)

How do i find a   free thing with the map already made (I'm using scratch)

I used these cool backgrounds in my game, if you wanna check them out

Can I used it to my in development game?? This is so perfect.

wow this looks amazinggg

Nice assets

Excuse me, can you create sprites for specific projects for a price?

looks really nice

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses you asset, check it out.

Awesome, congrats on the release!

I love it!

could you make a tutorial on how to use this on godot please

Do I use your sprites on my commercial Android game..?


Hey, Love the work - I tried to download it but it was removed by my antivirus - said there was a Trojan in the file, thought I would let you know! Will def revisit!

This is great pixel! Do you have any plan to make more?


Thanks! I'm working on that right now ;)

Thank you for this amazing background artwork but i wanted to know

how do i combine all three background  images into my JS  code?

Hey, thank you for the kind words. But I have no idea how to code, so you'd better ask coders ;)

Muy bueno y uno de pez

Thank you! this is such a nice asset pack. I made a little demo to test out the Unity Engine if you wanted to check it out. You’re assets combined with the lighting look so pretty.

Thanks! Could share a video, please?



Nice assets :). What is the license?

Use as you want, just don't resell it.

Okay. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing!

Awesome work! Always jealous of those who can work with pixel art this nicely.

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Very nice, I will follow you and be watching what you make.  

You only have 1 tileset, so it's not enough to make an entire game.  I'd want to buy all of them with other areas


very good, i like it. Can you please make some example level, i dont know how to use it some tiles . make some example image please.

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Thanks! 320x180 :)

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Make sense :-) . But you have to offset the "tilemap" 12px to make it look like in your example images.

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wow, good job!

Really nice asset! FYI the orange leafy slope and rock to leaf straight transitions are 1 pixel off on the Y axis (need shifting up).

Thanks! I am going to fix it in my next update :)

It's really good work !

Thank you <3

Really Good work, I hope you keep making these quality assets! Cheers

Thanks! Already working on the next one :)